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We provide expert advice on any aspect of community-based Mental Health Law.

What we do.

Whether your question relates to your entitlement to support from mental health services, to funding for your care or treatment, or to your right to reject care or treatment that you don’t want, we will be able to assist.
We provide advice on Mental Health Law to people living at home, in care homes, in supported living, and in a variety of other settings. Wherever you are based, we can advise.
We recognize that travelling to see us may be difficult or costly, so most of the time, we will be able to visit you (in person or using technology).

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Legal advice for community patients

Getting admission to hospital for care or treatment

If you feel that you’re in need of a hospital admission for care or treatment, we can advise on what steps you will need to take.
Entitlement to after-care (section 117 Mental Health Act 1983)
If you have previously been detained in hospital for treatment under the Mental Health Act, you will have a legal right to ‘after-care’ when you leave hospital. We can advise on what after-care covers, what steps you can take to make sure you get it, and what steps to take it if you’re not getting the after-care you need.
Community treatment orders
If you have been discharged from hospital under a community treatment order (a ‘CTO’), we can advise on what the CTO means, what you are required to do under it, and what steps you can take to get it removed. One way to challenge it would to apply to a Mental Health Tribunal for discharge. We can advise on when and how to apply, and we can provide expert representation at the Tribunal itself.

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Legal advice for community patients

Challenging refusal to provide treatment.

Where you feel that you are not getting a particular type of treatment that you require from mental health services, we can provide advice on steps to take to get it. Where the treatment is refused, we can advise on your rights to challenge that refusal.

Legal advice for community patients

Challenging a funding decision.

Where a local authority or a health authority refuses to provide funding for a particular type of treatment or care, we have the expertise to provide advice and representation when it comes to challenging that decision. See here for more details.