We are able to assist anyone in prison who requires advice on any legal issue relating to their mental health.

What we do.

We have solicitors who have a particular interest in this area of Mental Health Law, so the advice you receive will therefore be of the best possible quality.
We can provide advice wherever you are located, whatever the category of prison, and whether you are on remand or a serving prisoner. We will be able to advise by telephone but will also be able to visit you in prison whenever it is required.

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Our services.

At Butler & Co Solicitors, we are committed to delivering the best outcomes for our clients. When you instruct us, we will provide you with clear advice and constructive solutions, and will work tirelessly to fight your corner. If you are looking for advice about getting the treatment you need while you are in prison, or getting you transferred to a psychiatric hospital, speak with a member of our team now

Hospital transfer legal advice

Challenge a transfer refusal by the MoJ.

If the Ministry of Justice refuses a proposed transfer to hospital under s47 or s48 of the Mental Health Act 1983, we can advise you on what steps can be taken to challenge that refusal.

Hospital transfer legal advice

Resist a proposed transfer to hospital.

If you want to challenge a proposal to transfer you from prison to hospital, we can advise you on your rights and the steps you can take. We can then assist you in taking those steps.

Hospital transfer legal advice

Seek a hospital transfer.

You may be in need of transfer to a psychiatric hospital for assessment or treatment. If so, there are a variety of powers available to the courts and/or the Ministry of Justice to transfer remand and serving prisoners to hospital.

We can advise you about which powers are available in your particular case, we can advise on what steps need taking to get those powers exercised, and we can assist by taking those steps for you.

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Hospital transfer legal advice

Discharge from hospital.

If you are a restricted patient in hospital following a transfer from prison, the route to discharge can be a complicated business. In some cases, it will require a decision by a Mental Health Tribunal and then a Parole Board. We can help.
We can provide clear and comprehensive advice on all the steps that need taking. We can also advise on your right to stay in hospital while the decisions are being made.

Prison treatment legal advice

Your right to seek treatment in prison.

As a prisoner (remand or serving) you may require some form of mental health treatment. We can advise on what your rights to treatment are, and we can assist you in making sure that those rights are upheld.

Your right to refuse treatment in prison.

You may be unsure whether you are under a legal duty to go along with some form of mental health treatment in prison. We can provide advice on what your rights are, and whether you are under any form of duty.